English Intermediate
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English Intermediate

Вы изучали английский в школе, а потом в институте? Имеете небольшой опыт посещения языковых курсов и общения с иностранцами? Считаете, что владеете хорошей базой знаний, но хотели бы больше развивать навыки свободной речи? Пройдите этот тест. (Pre-Intermediate или Intermediate?)

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  1. Do you remember ______ names?
  2. They decided to go for a walk ______ the rain.
  3. If you don't know the meaning of this word, _____ in the dictionary.
  4. Did you repair your car ______?
  5. My grandma makes me ______ carrots, but I prefer ice-cream.
  6. You were rude ______ him for no reason.
  7. When I was a child, I ______ to the zoo every weekend.
  8. We ______ all exams by the end of the month.
  9. I am here to say that we ______ next week. I have just bought the tickets.
  10. This time tomorrow our family ______ to the Mediterranean resort.
  11. I can see only one cake. Where is ______?
  12. She didn't suppose that he ______ her.
  13. ______ three years had passed before we met again.
  14. The happy man went to see his mother-in-law ______.
  15. I ______ from him since we ______school.
  16. If the child ______ no better, we shall call for the doctor.
  17. His elder son almost never walks his dog in the morning, ______?
  18. I go to the swimming pool every weekend. — ______.
  19. I ______ the office when the telephone _____.
  20. ______ mistakes were made in your essay.
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